Labour needs Greens to be a truly ‘transformative’ Government, Marama Davidson argues

Greens co-leader Marama Davidson said today that Labour needs her party to become truly “transformative” in Government, as she maintained her party could pull off its "thriving oceans" policy despite the failed Kermadecs marine sanctuary proposal in 2016.

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Davidson said her party was aware that they needed to “go a lot further, a lot faster”. Source: Breakfast

“We’ve done good work with a Labour Government. That again is our vision, to be working with a Labour Government

“We’ve done good stuff: We’ve got legislation towards a zero-carbon way of life, we’ve got massive protections to conservation, we’ve got a progressive home ownership plan, so many other things.

“We also know we need to go a lot further a lot faster. People understand that, and it is the Greens - we need to work with Labour to give the best, most progressive and transformative Government possible.”

Greens announce election pledge to ban bottom trawling, dredging in Hauraki Gulf

Under the party's new thriving oceans plan, announced yesterday, the Greens promise to legislate the protection of at least 30 per cent of New Zealand’s oceans by 2030 with a particular focus on Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf - if they can retain their seat at the table alongside Labour.

Labour and Greens threaten to pull support over Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary

Davidson blamed National for the failed Kermadec marine sanctuary proposal in 2016 and said her party, if voted into Government, could get the thriving oceans policy through.

“Unfortunately, the National Party really stuffed that up when they went ahead with the process, completely undermining the consultation they should have taken in the first place,” she said.

“Our plan, we absolutely include at the forefront working together, including with iwi, hapū, with commercial fishers and recreational fishers, customary fishers.

“Why we have not specified the exact protected areas in our plan is so that we can have an overall approach.

“We are not a political [party] beholden in any way to donations from the fishing industry. I think again that’s why I am asking for strong Green representation.”