Labour or National - who do Kiwis want Winston Peters to choose?

Thousands have voted in 1 NEWS' unscientific Facebook poll, after Saturday's election left New Zealand with a hung parliament and the decision of who governs the country in the hands of Winston Peters. 

Source: 1 NEWS

Neither National or Labour have enough votes to form a government, so negotiations with NZ First will determine the next New Zealand government. 

The question asked, 'Who do you think Winston should choose?', with a choice between the National Party, and the Labour Party with the Greens. 

Over 6,100 voted for Labour and Greens, over 2,500 voted for National, and there were about 350 other Facebook emojis used as at 5.30pm today. 

Of the preliminary results for the election, National gained 46 per cent, Labour has 35.8 per cent, New Zealand First is on 7.5 per cent and Greens have 5.9 per cent

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