Labour MP explains she 'went to bed early' at youth camp where teens were allegedly sexually assaulted

Labour MP Liz Craig says she is "dismayed" to hear of the allegations of sexual assault at the Coromandel Labour Summer Camp at which she was present but did not witness.

The Labour List MP released a statement this afternoon clarifying that she attended the Labour youth camp as a guest speaker on oral health issues on February 11. 

"I overnighted at the camp as I was unable to get same day flights and left early the following morning," Ms Craig said in a written statement.

"On the Saturday evening I attended a quiz event and went to bed early once this had finished."

Labour MP Dr Liz Craig was elected as a List MP at the 2017 election. Source: 1 NEWS

The Labour politician, who was elected as a List MP at the 2017 election, said she was aware alcohol was present at the camp, but understood those under 18 were not partaking.

"While alcohol was present, I understood the organising committee had put in place measures to ensure those under the age of 18 were not drinking, and that organising committee members had been designated to oversee the evening's events," Ms Craid said.

"I was dismayed to hear of events being raised in the media this week, as I was unaware until then that anything of this nature had occurred.

"My thoughts are with the young people and families involved."

Allegations emerged Monday afternoon on the Newsroom website that four 16-year-old Labour members were sexually assaulted at a Coromandel summer camp the party hosted last month by a 20-year-old man.

The Prime Minister held a press conference from her Mr Albert Auckland electoral office this afternoon admitting the party had handled the incident "badly".

Ms Ardern also vigorously denied she had been intentionally kept in the dark about the assault allegations, despite senior Labour staffers knowing about it a week before she was informed as the story broke in the media. 

"I accept also that there has been strong advice also to the party," Ms Ardern said.

"Ultimately, the circle of people who knew, in order to make sure we were protecting these young people, was kept small and to the party leadership, and the most senior party in the Labour Party is the party president and the general secretary.

"It was handled badly, I do not believe there was ever intent to allow harm to be done.

"I absolutely believe the intent was never to allow harm to be done but it was because as I said we made mistakes."



Ms Craig, however, said she went to bed early during the camp and was unaware of the alleged sexual assaults. Source: Breakfast

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