Labour leader Andrew Little's charter school stance 'won't disrupt children's learning'




Labour leader Andrew Little is standing by his party's stance on repealing the charter schools legislation if his party comes to power, but he's left the door open for existing charter schools.

Andrew Little spoke with Q+A about the legislation if his party comes to power.
Source: Q+A

Speaking on TVNZ's Q+A programme this morning, Mr Little said all schools would need trained and registered teachers and must teach the national curriculum.

"We are going to repeal the charter schools legislation. All the existing charter schools we will talk to about continuation if they meet those minimum sorts of requirements," he said.

On immigration, Mr Little said he was confident he could work with New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.

"He has a view about immigration which is about reducing numbers. For me and for Labour, it is about managing immigration better," he said.

The Labour Party's immigration policy will be released in a few weeks.

The party's congress this weekend has been told Labour will reduce immigration by "tens of thousands" and this includes cuts to work visas and student visas.

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