Labour completes internal report into summer camp scandal, but declines to release it

An internal Labour Party report has been completed into the scandal in which four teens said they were sexually harassed or assaulted by a 20-year-old man during a Young Labour camp near Waihi in February.

The investigation, overseen by Maria Austen, looked into how party officials handled the allegations.

Her report has suggested several changes to policies and procedures – among them, an overhaul of the complaints process and a “new, over-arching alcohol policy” – Labour officials reported today.

However, party president Nigel Haworth has declined to release the full report and declined an interview request by 1 NEWS.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern condemned her own party's handling of the situation after the media learned of the allegations in March.

"My view is that we handled this badly as a party, after the significant issues came to light," she said while announcing the review "to make sure this doesn't happen again".

The 20-year-old accused by the camp attendees was charged in June with indecent assault. 

The political party says it supports the police’s decision to lay charges. Source: 1 NEWS

The report also suggests developing "a more tangible and effective relationship between Young Labour and the Labour Party"; reviewing party policies on bullying and events hosting responsibility; considering either a separate code of conduct for Young Labour or applying the party's existing code of conduct to youth members; and updating parental consent and risk disclosure information requirements.

"At least one Labour Party representative should also attend the entire event and be available throughout (solely or jointly with another nominated adult supervisor) to ensure compliance with safety and welfare expectations," the report also suggested, according to Labour officials. "The Young Labour Party should also nominate a Welfare Officer to attend all events."

Nigel Haworth spoke alongside Jacinda Ardern today after allegations of sexual assault from the youth camp emerged. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Haworth, the party president, lauded the report in a written statement today.

"The recommendations are both welcome and specific, and reflect the care taken by Ms Austen in completing her report," he said, adding that Labour is committed to the implementation of all recommendations.

The PM says her party is now taking "ownership of the issue" of sexual assault allegations arising from the February event. Source: 1 NEWS