Labour announces $10 million mental health plan for Canterbury children with earthquake trauma




Labour has announced their latest mental health policy which will provide dedicated mental health support to Canterbury and Kaikoura students to help overcome the trauma of earthquakes. 

It would mean one health professional to every 500 children affected by earthquake trauma.
Source: 1 NEWS

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern is announcing the policy at Christchurch's Addington Primary School today. 

The policy would allocate a full-time mental health worker for every 500 school children across Canterbury over three years. 

"Eighty professionals is a considerable lift. This is a significant increase. A practical way of supporting children and their needs," she said. 

Ms Ardern said she thought Canterbury parents would want to see the extra support for their children implemented. 

"The kids of Canterbury still bear the mental scars of the earthquakes," Ms Ardern said.

The Labour leader is at Addington Primary School for their policy announcement on children with earthquake trauma.
Source: 1 NEWS

"Since 2011 there's been a 73 per cent increase in children and young people going to mental health clinics."

"We'll fund an extra 80 mental health professionals for the next three years who will work in all public primary and intermediate schools."

"This will mean that there will be a full-time mental health professional for every 500 school children in Canterbury."

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An extra $10 million will be invested in mental health professions such as psychologists and psychotherapists, social works and nurses. 

Ms Ardern said this will be paid for by boosting health by $8 billion. 

The move comes a day after National announced a $100m push to ease pressure of mental health system. 

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