Kurdish immigrant gives back to the homeland she's left behind

A Kurdish immigrant has put her career aspirations on hold to fundraise and give back to women in the homeland she's left behind. 

Ashleigh Ali-Aziz came to New Zealand after eight years in a Pakistan refugee camp, and now has an academic record anyone would be proud of.

Ashleigh Ali-Aziz came to NZ after eight years in a refugee camp, and now gives back to women Kurdistan. Source: Seven Sharp

She has a Masters degree in Business and is working towards her PhD. 

But she has paused her studies to put together a night market event in Avondale aimed at helping the woman of Kurdistan who have lost husbands and sons to war.

"Our aim is to give the female business exposure locally and raise funds for women in Kurdistan that need it so win win," Ms Ali-Aziz told Seven Sharp.

Ms Ali-Aziz will be taking the funds herself to visit the women of Kurdistan, to "talk to them and see what they need".

The market is her second fundraiser, the first was selling Middle Eastern food to help a summer school in a town called Sinjar.