'Kung fu master' caught shoplifting at West Auckland outdoor store

A man was caught on CCTV practicing his martial arts moves before stuffing some goods down his pants and trying to flee a shop in Auckland.

On Friday Hunting & Fishing posted the footage on their Facebook page, which shows the man acting suspiciously while in the store on 2 January.

He can be seen nervously looking around and checking out items, before he throws a few punches and kicks.

"Please be aware of this master criminal working the Westgate area," the post read.

"We recommend you do not approach this individual as he is clearly a kung fu master and should be considered extremely dangerous."

Eventually, the man crouches down behind a product stand and tries to stuff a rather large piece of merchandise into his pants.

He promptly left the shop, but Hunting & Fishing said on the Facebook post that Police were waiting for him.

Northland marina to get seabin to suck up ocean litter, in New Zealand first

A marina in Northland has banded together to buy a Seabin, claiming it will be the first marina in New Zealand to have such a device that'll suck up marine litter. 

The organisation Ocean Spirit posted a video with the announcement about Tutukaka Marina on Youtube last week. 

"Tutukaka Marina is going to be the first marina in New Zealand to get a seabin," Glenn Edney, co-founder of Ocean Spirit said in the clip.

A seabin is a device which sucks in water to catch floating marine litter, micro plastics, surface oil and pollutant spills, a statement from the group wrote. 

"The culmination of a two year collaboration between Ocean Spirit, Tutukaka Marina Management and Trust Board, the Interact Club at Huanui College, Glenbervie and Whangarei City Rotary Club represents another valuable step in the Tutukaka Coast Plastic Free Initiative."


Ardern calls international turnout to Women's March 'extraordinary', urges NZ to 'keep up the progress' on women's rights

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called the footage of the international Women's Marches held around the world "extrordinary".

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"Some of the aerial footage across the cities really speaks to the strength of feeling from those who have congregated to make sure we're never complacent about the things we champion."

"I was looking at some of the images last night and it was extraordinary."

Activists marched around the world over the weekend in some places to highlight gender equality, and in places like the US to target swing voters into electing "more women and progressives candidates to office", according to the activists' website. 

"Here in New Zealand it's about holding some responsibility to keep up the progress," Ms Ardern told TVNZ1's Breakfast today.

"For women in New Zealand that is issues like pay equity, closing the gender pay gap.

"It is also about things like violence that women predominantly experience in new Zealand, particularly in their relationship."

Ms Ardern criticised President Trump's decision to not invest in foreign aid and development of any organisation with a connection to sexual and reproduction rights.

"I can only speak as an observer," she said.

"I know that he did early on determine his government would not be investing in the foreign aid and development that went towards any organisation that had anything to do with sexual and reproductive rights."

"There is no doubt that has left a gap in the international arena where there are areas of high need, where women's maternal health and well-being is really at threat."

She said the international community would need to look at filing that void.

The PM says those issues include pay equity, closing the gender pay gap and violence against women. Source: Breakfast