'Kung fu master' caught shoplifting at West Auckland outdoor store

A man was caught on CCTV practicing his martial arts moves before stuffing some goods down his pants and trying to flee a shop in Auckland.

On Friday Hunting & Fishing posted the footage on their Facebook page, which shows the man acting suspiciously while in the store on 2 January.

He can be seen nervously looking around and checking out items, before he throws a few punches and kicks.

"Please be aware of this master criminal working the Westgate area," the post read.

"We recommend you do not approach this individual as he is clearly a kung fu master and should be considered extremely dangerous."

Eventually, the man crouches down behind a product stand and tries to stuff a rather large piece of merchandise into his pants.

He promptly left the shop, but Hunting & Fishing said on the Facebook post that Police were waiting for him.