'Krispies on the table' - Green Party co-leader describes 'fruitful' discussion with Labour

The Green Party's "discussions" with the Labour Party have concluded for the day. 

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The next meeting is set for October 27. Source: 1 NEWS

"We had some fruitful discussions. What was on the table was Krispies, and a cup of tea and coffee," co-leader Marama Davidson said. 

Griffin's Krispie is a toasted coconut biscuit.

"We've got some further discussions to have," she added.

"The whole starting point for us is what we can do to make change in the areas of protecting climate, our environment and addressing inequality."

Party officials are set to meet with Labour again on Tuesday, October 27. 

Yesterday, Jacinda Ardern said any outcome from discussions with the Green Party would be announced next week, with ministerial positions of the next Government to be revealed the week after that.

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The meeting today took place as more new MPs turn up at Parliament to join the class of 2020. Source: 1 NEWS

Ardern told media today recent talks with the Green Party were "not formal discussions particularly, just talking about what timeline we might work to in the coming days". 

She said she was interested "in areas of cooperation where we can use the strengths that exist in their team for the benefit of the Government and all of New Zealand".

"My very clear expectation is that we will conclude those conversations around potential areas of cooperation next week sometime and we would look to announce any outcome of those discussions around that timeframe," Ardern said. 

"What I am very clear on is that New Zealand has delivered us a mandate to be able to govern."

Labour received 64 seats in the preliminary results of election 2020, enough to govern alone, and the Green Party got 10. There is still the result of the special vote to be released, making up an estimated 17 per cent of the overall vote.