'I know how to build coalitions around issues' - Helen Clark's case on UN Secretary-General fight

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark is using her nine years experience as the nation's leader, plus her seven years leading the United Nations' development programme, in her campaign to become a United Nations head honcho.

The Prime Minister made the announcement that the NZ government has nominated Ms Clark. Source: 1 NEWS

Ms Clark has thrown her hat into the ring in the race for the UN Secretary-General position.

She says her experience leading coalition governments under MMP has equipped her for the UN's top job.

She served as New Zealand Prime Minister from December 1999 to November 2008.

"For nine years as Prime Minister I ran coalition governments," Ms Clark told media in New York today.

"I know from my personal experience how to build coalitions around issues and seek a consensus on what must be done."

Ms Clark went on to say: "I would see myself as very responsive to member states and looking to bring people together, looking to be a convenor".

"My background and experience and leadership has been in bringing diverse peoples together."

John Key this morning confirmed Ms Clark, who has spent the last seven years heading the UN Development Programme, will run for the top UN job.

"Having served as the Prime Minister of New Zealand for nine years and held one of the top jobs in the United Nations for the past seven, Helen Clark has the right mix of skills and experience for the job," says Mr Key.

Our US Correspondent Jack Tame breaks down the process for picking the UN Secretary-General. Source: Breakfast

The Government will pay for Ms Clark's bid which is likely to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

It is believed that My Key spent some time lobbying for her at last week's nuclear summit in the United States.

Labour leader Andrew Little is very much on board Team Clark. Source: Breakfast

Mr Key submitted New Zealand's nomination letter to the Presidents of the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council.

The new Secretary-General will be appointed at the end of the year by the UN General Assembly on the recommendation of the UN Security Council.

Who Helen Clark faces competition from:  

Antonio Guterres - Portugal

Danilo Turk - Slovenia

Natalia Gherman - Moldova

Irinia Bokova - Bulgaria

Srgian Kerim - Macedonia

Igor Luksic - Montenegro

Vesna Pusic - Croatia