Kiwis urged to not overlook smaller, but often tastier, avocados this season

An abundance of smaller avocados this year could actually be a good thing for consumers, an industry expert says, with smaller ones often tasting better.

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Thorley Robbins of The Avo Tree talked with Breakfast about why consumers often prefer the biggest avocados possible. Source: Breakfast

Speaking this morning to Breakfast, Thorley Robbins of The Avo Tree said it had been a dry spring in New Zealand, which meant much of the fruit on tree hadn't grown as large as previous years.

However, he said when it comes to value for money, and even taste, smaller avocados can actually be the best.

"Our goal is to try and educate Kiwis that you're getting a far better deal if you buy smaller fruit - per kilogram, smaller fruit is far more affordable," Robbins said.

"Consumers still seem to gravitate towards these large, kind of show-off fruit — which, they are totally cool — but if consumers want to get a better deal they need to jump in and consume those smaller fruit."

Robbins said a little known fact is that many in the industry consider smaller avocados to be superior to larger ones.

"The growers don't walk around the orchard picking the biggest fruit to take them inside — growers walk around the orchards literally picking the smallest fruit to enjoy. I think that says a lot, really."

About 35 per cent of avocados are not eaten in their fruit form, with many of the unused ones going on to products like avocado oil.