Kiwis unable to go fishing because of coronavirus lockdown share hilarious at-home 'fishing' videos

It has been the number one trending search question on Google for the past week: “Can I go fishing during coronavirus?”

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Both Racheal Connelly and Zak Cameron have shared at-home "fishing" videos online. Source: 1 NEWS

The answer is no, at least during the four-week lockdown period.

It's a new regulation Water Safety New Zealand is urging boating New Zealanders to keep.

The new regulations haven’t stopped some creative Kiwi fishermen and women from getting on their boat, or deck, and having a bit of a laugh, though.

Hamilton-based Racheal Connelly and her husband Craig get out fishing fortnightly during summer, so it’s safe to say they’re missing boat life.

Ms Connelly said they found out that they couldn’t go fishing during lockdown through a number of websites.

“There was confusion in the first few days then it became clear,” she said.

With fishing being an often solitary sport, or one that could be done within a lockdown bubble, some Kiwis were unsure whether they could continue fishing. But because of the strain it puts on emergency services, and volunteers who are all in lockdown, water safety officials have told everyone to keep off and out of the water.

To shed some light on the situation, Ms Connelly said they have been sharing lighthearted videos created by them on Facebook most nights. 

One of the videos starring the Waikato couple shows Ms Connelly “diving” off the side of their boat and successfully bringing in her “limit” ... of toilet paper.

Another “mad keen” fisherman tackling the lockdown is Whangarei-based Zak Cameron. His mum Andrea said at the start the family thought they could still go fishing, despite the lockdown.

“Zak was still working and so he was looking forward to fishing at the weekend, we all thought we could go and we found out by reading all the info later on into the lockdown,” said Ms Cameron.

She said they had to break the news to Zak.

“He fishes whenever he can and has done since he was little. As you can imagine, he was gutted and he still is, but we are abiding by the rules because it will save lives and reduce strain on emergency services.

“A short term pain for a long term gain.”

And in the short term, Zak’s been taking a trip to the creek below their property, and “fishing” from his deck at home.