Kiwis rediscover love of knitting following lockdown

Picking up a ball of yarn and a set of needles has become a trending activity, following life in lockdown.

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The surge of interest is also being seen worldwide and keeping fabric and yarn shops busy. Source: 1 NEWS

The surge of interest in knitting is being seen worldwide, and is certainly keeping shops here busy.

In downtown Auckland, New Zealand Fabrics and Yarn is experiencing increased demand for lessons and groups.

The store, which usually cater to a tourist market, has been thriving with the local support.

Its Wednesday club meeting has had newcomers every week post lockdown and it's classes are filling up.

"We've always done those but the demand has really grown," staff member Cher Lyall said.

"With stopping as we had to, it's given us time to take up those crafts that we're always saying to ourselves, we're too busy... now we're realising, grab the moment,” Ms Lyall said.

She says many of those joining the group are former knitters, that've rediscovered the craft.

"I came back to NZ from being overseas right at the beginning of lockdown and went into quarantine with a suitcase of summer clothes, I had nothing,” Angela Hill told 1 NEWS.

"When I could get out I caught the bus and came into the city, planning to walk home, and in my walk I discovered this shop.. but also found out about this knitting group.

"Ever since then, level 1, I've come every Wednesday".

Knitting group member Alissa Rice said "there's lots of different backgrounds, nationalities, age groups, so it's very educational and rewarding".

Ms Hill says she wants to encourage others to pick up some needles, and give it a go.

"The cheapest place to buy needles are the op shops.. and the yarns, unpick the old jumpers and recreate them," she said.

Ms Lyall said she's particularly noticed a lot of interest in embroidery from young people on social media, which is not expensive to do.

"An embroidery thread is $1.90, if you want to get a very nice embroidery hoop you spend about $14, and you can use any fabric,” she said.