Kiwis' privacy won't be compromised by new emergency call tracking - tech expert




A technology expert says New Zealanders shouldn't worry that their privacy will be compromised with new location tracking for mobile phones when 111 calls are made.

New technology is allowing your location data to be given straight to emergency services when you call for help from a mobile phone.

Paul Spain of Gorilla Technology explains how more location data will now be provided to emergency services from now on.
Source: Breakfast

Speaking on TVNZ1's Breakfast today Gorilla Technology CEO Paul Spain says the location data is very accurate in most cases - "within a couple of metres" - and could potentially save a life.

"For me, if I'm calling emergency services, I'd probably want all of the information to them as quick as possible and if it's a really dire situation that could be something that saves a life," Mr Spain said.

As for privacy concerns, he said there was really nothing to worry about.

"They've got it fairly locked down so this only happens when you're calling emergency services."

All phones running Google's Android software will now automatically provide exact location data when you call, but Apple's iPhones are yet to include location-sharing.

All phones, already have a first layer of information sharing, with the cell site used to provide the call given to emergency services when any device is used.

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