Kiwis are paying more for sunscreen than they should be - Consumer NZ

Kiwis love the outdoors, but with some sunscreens selling for over $60, that can come at a price. 

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Sue Chetwin told TVNZ1’s Breakfast export prices don’t correlate with store prices. Source: 1 NEWS

Sue Chetwin, chief executive of Consumer NZ says New Zealanders are paying a lot more for the product than our Australian counterparts.

“Pretty much all of the sunscreens that we’re using in New Zealand are being made by the same manufacturers that are selling them in Australia,” Ms Chetwin told TVNZ 1's Breakfast.

Ms Chetwin says the sunscreens are probably being made in Australia too.

“There’s a little bit of a cost to get it here but probably not the extra amount that we are paying," she said. 

Ms Chetwin says Kiwis should shop around for sunscreens and there are affordable products on the market.

Official testing done by Consumer NZ has identified one particular sunscreen for under $10 sold at The Warehouse.

"It's called Smart365. It's 50+ and that's about just over $7 bucks for 100g," Ms Chetwin says.

"It works. It claims 50+ and according to our testing that's what it does. 

"Against that is a really expensive one, I think it is around $64 for 100g," she said. 

Consumer NZ is also calling for the Government to mandate that every sunscreen sold in New Zealand should meet certain standards as happens in Australia.

"We’ve been pushing for at the very least all sunscreens in New Zealand must reach that standard," said Ms Chetwin.