Kiwis now trust Labour more than National to repair the economy, poll suggests

Kiwis now trust the Labour-led Government to repair the economy after Covid-19 more than National, a new poll suggests.

Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson. Source: Getty

The IPSOS poll sampled 1000 New Zealanders aged over 18 in an online survey, and found that the economy is currently perceived as the most pressing issue for New Zealand.

About 47 per cent of respondents said the economy was the top issue, up nearly four-fold from 13 per cent in March.

The Labour-led coalition Government also recorded its highest rating since coming into power in October 2017 - higher even than its previous top rating following the Christchurch terrorist attack.

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The Finance Minister announced payments of $490 per week for the next 12 weeks. Source: 1 NEWS

Furthermore, more Kiwis now believe that Labour is the best party to deal with the country's economic recovery, taking over from National at the last poll in March this year.

As of March, the top five issues people believed were facing the country were:

1 - housing and the price of housing
2 - healthcare/hospitals
3 - poverty/inequality
4 - inflation/cost of living
5 - crime/law

This month's result saw those top five issues change to:

1 - the economy
2 - unemployment
3 - housing/price of housing
4 - healthcare/hospitals
5 - poverty/inequality