Kiwis much more pessimistic about economy under Labour-led Government - 1 NEWS poll

New Zealanders are much more pessimistic about the economy than when National was in office, according to the latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll. 

The poll asked voters how the economy will track over the next year.

Thirty-seven per cent said it'll get better, 29 per cent said it'll stay the same and 34 per cent that it'll get worse.

Those numbers are similar to our last poll in February but much more pessimistic compared to when National was in office. 

With the Budget coming up in a month, 1 NEWS political editor Jessica Mutch says "it's now game on for all political parties". 

The poll found the gloss has come off for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, with Labour dropping below National.

The poll has National on 44 per cent approval, up one since our last poll in February, and sitting pretty as the biggest party. 

Labour is on 43 per cent, a five-point drop since the February poll. 

However, Labour's lost points has been snaffled up by it's support partners in Government, the Greens and New Zealand First. 

The Greens are up one point to six per cent, and New Zealand First up two, to five per cent.

The Maori Party, no longer in Parliament, still registered support, at one per cent. 

Translated into seats in Parliament, the poll results would give Labour 52 seats, the Greens eight and New Zealand First six - enough to comfortably govern with 66 seats. 

National would have 54 seats, but with Act as its only partner would fall short of enough seats to govern. 

And the National Party's upswing in the poll is not reflected in the preferred prime minister stakes.

Only 10 per cent of respondents picked new National leader Simon Bridges for prime minister, while Labour PM Jacinda Ardern garnered 37 per cent support.

Labour has fallen five points to 43 per cent approval, while National has climbed one point to 44 per cent. Source: 1 NEWS