Kiwis love of reading books still strong despite other enticing distractions

Books are still alive and well amid a sea of distractions according to a Book Council survey.

A Book Council survey found most NZ adults have read a book in the past year. Source: 1 NEWS

The survey found 88 per cent of adult New Zealanders have read a book in the past year and in that time we've read on average, 20 books.

But what concerns the Book Council is the 12 per cent of Kiwis who are not reading at all.

"For a society that is so based on needing to be able to read and interpret data and read documents, not being able to read or not liking to read or not wanting to read can be a real barrier to functioning," says Jo Cribb from the Book Council.

The availability of technology like e-readers hasn't turned people away from books as many thought it would with the survey finding only six per cent read e-readers exclusively.

"The rest of us like some sort of book we like the feel of it we like to should we say this turn the pages down or we like to keep it to pass it on," says Ms Cribb.

The survey found New Zealanders love New Zealand authors and are tempted by crime, thriller and adventure novels.

The Book Council is now hoping to get books in the hands of the young adults who'll be the parents of the next generation.