Kiwis living across the ditch slam Australian Goverment's coronavirus pandemic response

Some Kiwis living across the ditch are unhappy with the Australian Government's response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

A man who works in a non-essential job in Brisbane, and wishes to remain anonymous, is still being sent around the CBD to businesses as part of his servicing role, despite an up-tick in coronavirus cases there.

He told 1 NEWS he was hit hard with influenza last year and is paranoid everytime one of his customers coughs or sneezes around him.

Some jobs he is being sent to are at places where Covid-19 cases have been confirmed.

He believes the Australian Government hasn't acted fast enough to contain Covid-19 and wants them to follow in New Zealand's footsteps by implementing a full lockdown to try and stop the spread.

"The government here are tip toeing around the issue of stopping the virus with suggestions of isolation, washing your hands and standing one metre away from each other."

"The fact is that some are doing what has been suggested and many are not," he said.

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With the number of cases climbing towards 3,000, some are calling for a much stricter local lockdown too. Source: 1 NEWS

The worker says people in Brisbane are still gathering in large groups.

"I am currently still going to work which requires walking around central Brisbane CBD visiting sites.

"The city population has dropped, but I still see tradesmen and office workers sitting in groups, hoarding around takeaway cafes with disregard of isolation suggestions.

"You can see the mentality of 'she’ll be right mate' is still current here."

He believes Prime Minister Scott Morrison needs to take charge of the situation.

"The response of Scott Morrison is reaction rather than action, coming up with methods after damage has been done.

"He says don’t go to the beach, people go to the beach, then he closes the beach.

"Jacinda Ardern should be commended for her actions and clear and assertive message. She has instructed New Zealand on the severity of Covid-19 and the people of New Zealand have listened."

Another Kiwi living in Australia, Katey Freestone, thinks there should be tougher restrictions in her new home Melbourne.

"There is still so many people out and about acting like nothing is going on," she said.

"Non-essential workers are still working and it doesn't look like people are keeping to the social distancing rules. The government needs to act hard and fast on this," the 24-year-old said.

"Ideally the government should be following in New Zealand's foot steps. A four-week lock down to stop the spread. We need stricter rules so everyone has no choice but to stay home."

She says while restaurants and cafes don't have seating anymore, she can still stroll down to the local cafe to order takeaway food and coffee.

"People are still gathering inside the coffee shops to collect their coffees," she said.

"Most shops around my area are still operating - they aren't busy at all, but they're still open. I can still go to the mall - bit ridiculous."

Ms Freestone also believes New Zealand's Prime Minister has reacted better than her Australian counterpart.

"Ardern was much faster to respond to the virus, she is doing a great job. Morrison isn't acting as fast, yet we have many more cases here.

"It's a bit worrying and I think most Aussies want to see more done to stop the spread."

There are currently 2810 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Australia with 13 deaths.