Kiwis entering UK given greater access to automated passport eGates

Travelling to the United Kingdom just became easier for Kiwis. 

An announcement was made today by the Minister of Customs, Kris Faafoi, who said eligible Kiwis will now be able to use passport eGates to enter the UK more quickly.

Previously, New Zealanders had to sign-up to the UK's Registered Traveller programme to use eGates – this will no longer be required.

Now, New Zealanders aged 18 and over, who are travelling using a biometric or ‘chipped’ passport, are now able to use the automated eGates, as are visitors aged 12 to 17 who are accompanied by an adult.

New Zealand offers reciprocal eGate arrangements to UK citizens. In April 2019, 70 per cent of all UK citizens entering New Zealand used eGates.

In 2017, New Zealand citizens entered the UK on 359,000 occasions.

Customs Minister Kris Faafoi was invited to be one of the first New Zealanders to use a UK eGate, when he arrived in Heathrow Airport last week. Source: 1 NEWS