KiwiBuild and state housing 'not mutually exclusive' says PM

A high state house waiting list has lead some to say the Government should be looking to help more vulnerable New Zealanders, rather than focusing on KiwiBuild and the middle class. 

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A current state house waiting list of about 9000 has led some to believe the Government should be looking more at the vulnerable. Source: Q+A

On TVNZ1's Q+A show, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was asked by host Corin Dann about criticism suggesting that the Government has its priorities wrong.

It comes as the waiting list for state houses has risen to about 9000, despite an increase in stock. 

Ms Ardern said one reason for the increase "had been that we've called for people to come forward, we've said that we want to hear from anyone who may have even been rejected before, or have had no luck with the housing list". 

"It's very hard for us to know definitively, but I think it probably has been part of it."

Dann asked about the waiting list of 9000 for state housing, while more KiwiBuild homes were being created. 

"I would argue that in fact what we are doing is trying to make sure we fulfill one of our values which is housing for all. 

"That means, yes, we have made available that extra 12,000 tenancies, we've committed to building 6400 new state houses."

"I make no apology for the fact that part of our values as well is the idea of home ownership," Ms Ardern said. "We don't have enough houses built in New Zealand, so that's another reason for building this 100,000 homes and to try and give that hope of homeownership back to everyday families." 

"We are also looking at shared equity, because we know not everyone currently will be able to muster the deposits required.

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Ms Ardern was interviewed by host Corin Dann about the pressing issues for the Government. Source: Q+A

"These are not mutually exclusive, KiwiBuild is one part of what we are doing and our state housing build project is significant as well."