Kiwibank to go cheque-free by end of February

Kiwibank is asking customers to deposit any remaining cheques they may have before the company goes cheque free on 28 February. 

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The bank annouced last year plans to drop cheques, pointing out that usage has dropped as customers look for faster and easier ways to make payments. 

Kiwibank chief customer officer Mark Stephen says customers who receive cheques after the end of this month will need to talk to the issuer of the cheque and make them pay directly into a bank account or by cash. 

Kiwibank to ditch cheque use from 2020

“With only four weeks left to deposit a cheque at Kiwibank, we want to make sure our customers, particularly those who rarely use cheques but might receive a once-a-year bonus or dividend payment, are not surprised when we go cheque-free,” says Stephen. 

He says since the bank announced its plan to drop cheques last May, over 1800 customers have worked with the bank to transition to other payment options.