Kiwi woman suffers burns at NYE celebration in Thailand

A burning string of fireworks sent sparks flying at a massive crowd of around 2,000 during Thailand’s Full Moon Party, just minutes after the New Year's Eve countdown.

A Kiwi woman was one of many who suffered minor burns. Source: Supplied

A former 1 NEWS NOW reporter Madison Reidy was one of many who suffered minor burns when strong winds blew the sparks into the mosh pit of partygoers.

"My whole body was burning; I could feel sparks stinging my face, legs and arms. It felt as though all of my skin was on fire," says Reidy.

The 21-year-old says she fell to the ground to avoid being burnt by the fiery sparks when the sparks started flying.

"We heard people closer to the sign screaming and the crowed swayed, pushing people over," she says.

Reidy says a few seconds after hearing others scream in pain she and a small group of New Zealanders felt the sparks sting their skin.

"I yelled at my friends to duck. I dropped to the ground and curled up in a ball covering my face to protect it from being burned.

"We think the female tourist next to us broke her ankle after being trampled on by the crowd."

Reidy suffered minor burns to her back, chest and legs but said the damage felt worse at the time.

Reidy said she was worried the sign would blow up completely and cause a larger explosion.

"The second the sparks stopped flying at us, we tried to run in the opposite direction but the crowd was so large no one could move. We were stuck."

It is estimated that 10,000 - 30,000 partygoers attended the internationally renown party to celebrate New Year's Eve in 2016.

The Full Moon party is renown for electronic music, glow in the dark body paint and buckets of alcoholic beverages sold at local stalls, and is held at Haad Rin beach in southern Thailand each month to celebrate the appearance of the full moon.