Kiwi woman and fitness corset millionaire reveals key to her success

Iyia Liu may only be 24-years-old but she has already built up and sold two businesses for millions of dollars.

Iyia Liu has sold two businesses for millions, but says she learnt the most from a business that failed. Source: Seven Sharp

She says Instagram is a pivotal tool in her business getting Kylie Jenner to endorse one of her products, The Waist Trainer - a fitness corset.

"Saw it on Instagram first, that's how I found the product.. started off one girl, and we'd hand write addresses and do a few a day and within a couple of months I had eight staff and we were doing hundreds of orders."

Now she has the car, the wardrobe, the mansion and another house on the way.

Ms Liu is also the name behind successful supplement's business, Luxe Fitness which she sold for millions.

She puts her success down to learning early from a business that failed where she almost lost all her life savings.

"Marketing in the most important and I learnt that from my first business having it fail."

"With that business I bought a whole bunch of stock, but I didn't know how to get the branding out there."

Taking on board these valuable life lessons she's building up a new company, Bambi Boutique, an e-commerce clothing business for girls just like her.