Kiwi whose elderly parents are stuck in Delhi pleads for Government help

The coronavirus lockdown is affecting us all in different ways, but for Kiwis who've got family members stuck overseas it's a particularly gruelling time.

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Morag Stuart-Lavich's parents are currently living in a hotel. Source: Seven Sharp

Morag Lavich is pleading for Government help for her elderly parents Don and Marion, and another couple from Hamilton, who are stuck in a hotel in Delhi, India.

"Dad is 72 and mum is 69, they don't know what's to come and they are very aware they're in that demographic that is very vulnerable," Ms Lavich said.

The couple have been holed up in their hotel in India for nearly two weeks after the coronavirus outbreak saw their dream tour cancelled part-way through.

"Dad's been really tough but he did breakdown the other day and that was hard to see."

With commercial flights virtually non-existent the family it lobbying the NZ Government for an emergency flight home.

They say they don't want to freeload and will pay their way.

The rest of the tour party - including the tour guide - managed to find ways home, leaving Don, Marion and another Hamilton couple to fend for themselves.

Ms Lavich says now they're just hanging on to hope.

The owner of the tour company, Craig Woolliams, told Seven Sharp he had sympathy for the couples stranded in India.

He refutes that they've been abandoned saying it's "too strong a word".

He says everyone scrambled to secure seats to get on planes out of India and it was the luck of the draw which ones took off.

Mr Woolliams says before departure from New Zealand he warned clients before the tour that potential for disruption was "extreme".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade says there are currently 802 Kiwis registered through SafeTravel as being in India - and they're keeping them updated via the site.