Kiwi wedding haka couple's plans for honeymoon getaway delayed after 'small mistake'




A simple and common mistake has put a bit of a damper on famous Kiwi couple Benjamin and Aaliyah Armstrong's honeymoon plans in Fiji.

They were so caught up in the hype of their haka video's viral success this week, they told ONE News they had actually lost a day off their honeymoon.

Benjamin and Aaliyah were supposed to be in Fiji today, but because Ben was inundated with requests for comment on the video, he overlooked the fact his passport had expired.

Benjamin and Aaliyah Armstrong tell ONE News about the video that made them famous.
Source: 1 NEWS

He said the simple mistake had cost them a bit, financially, and meant they would spend four days in Fiji instead of five.

"It is just a day out of our lives and we are grateful that we'll hopefully get at least a couple of days over there," he said.

Ben was married and sealed to Aaliyah Hall last Friday at the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Hamilton New Zealand Temple.

Following the ceremony, an "overwhelming" haka was performed and recorded by the couple's closest friends and family.

After the video blew up, Ben and Aaliyah started getting phone calls from media and news networks around the world.

Reporters from Australia, Europe, North and South America were calling them at all hours, Ben told ONE News.

"It hit me straight away, my oldest brother Joel led the haka, in front of him was my second oldest brother Jaram and then my father came in on the side," he said.

"Seeing all of that, as well as family and friends and seeing her bridesmaid get in there, was powerful."

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