Kiwi vaccinologist says NZ should look to make its own Covid-19 vaccine to help stomp out virus

A New Zealand vaccinologist says developing a Covid-19 vaccine here is our best chance of stamping out the virus.

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Associate professor Helen Petousis-Harris says there should be a focus on getting NZ's best together to discuss if it can be done. Source: 1 NEWS

Associate professor Helen Petousis-Harris from the University of Auckland joined TVNZ1’s Breakfast to discuss the world’s race to get over the coronavirus and said New Zealand could do just that with a vaccine made here.

"Some people have said, 'Yeah, we can do a lot of this here.' If that's the case, I think it should be something that's on the table," she said.

"I think it would be good to see those cards on the table, the right people around the table and talking about the feasibility of that because if that's the case, then that could give us a real advantage."

Human testing of potential Covid-19 vaccine to start in UK this week

It comes as Oxford University scientists start human trials this week on a vaccine they believe has an 80 per cent chance of succeeding.

Check out the video above for Ms Petousis-Harris’ full interview.