Kiwi tourism sector embracing electric revolution with trial of electric campervan

New Zealand's journey to going fully electric has stepped up another gear with the latest divvy-up of government funding getting the attention of the tourism sector.

The journey to going fully electric has stepped up a gear. Source: 1 NEWS

Kiwi company Jucy is currently testing a fully electric campervan which the company shelled out $25,000 for.

"I think people are starting to get a lot more conscious around the environment and definitely our age demographic being 18 to 35 year olds

"They're very conscious of what they're doing. And I think this fits very well for it," Jucy CEO Dan Alpe told 1 NEWS.

The government is pledging $1.7 million towards charging infrastructure that will give New Zealand's electric fleet owners greater piece of mind around the range of their vehicles.

"Right now we've got a vehicle that can travel 100 odd kilometres at a time, and I think this will give more options, so we're going to be working on vehicles that can have larger ranges," Mr Alpe said.

The tourism industry will be hoping the push to electric will help the country's clean green image in years to come.