Kiwi teen teams up with his dad to create tiny home out of container

Helping your teenager decide what career to pursue after school can create a bit of angst for plenty of parents and their children.

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Sam is getting some hands-on learning outside the classroom. Source: Seven Sharp

When 15-year-old Sam Johnson expressed an interest in the trades, his dad Graeme decided to foster that interest in a practical way by converting a container into a tiny home.

It's a tiny house that's providing big lessons for the teenager, taking his learning outside of the classroom.

"It's really to give Sam an opportunity to decide what he wants to do," Graeme told TVNZ1's Seven Sharp from Helensville, north-west Auckland.

Carpentry, welding and electrical work are all taught in the container. 

But there's no pen and paper: this is hands-on experience.

The father-son duo are even expanding their team, recruiting viewers online to lend a hand virtually. 

Once Mum and Dad’s costs have been recouped, any leftover profit will go towards a car for Sam to help teach the teenager the value of a dollar - or in his case, a container.

Watch the video above to see Sam and Graeme Johnson talk to Seven Sharp about their unusual project.