Kiwi teen swings for over 33 hours to break world record

There was a win for a Hawke's Bay teenager this afternoon when he swung his way to a world record, beating another Kiwi along the way.

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Charlie O’Brien from Napier spent more than 32 hours on a playground swing. Source: 1 NEWS

Charlie O'Brien swung on a swing for more than 33 hours to set the record.

What possesses a 16-year old to spend his school holidays on a swing?

"We were joking. And I ended up saying 'yeah I'm going to beat the world swinging record dude.' And I dunno, it just escalated from there," Charlie told 1 NEWS.

Since 6am yesterday Charlie has been sat on a swingset in Taradale trying to break the world record - 32 hours of continuously swinging, but he didn't just want to beat it.

"I wanna smash it right, so I'm going for 40." 

The current record is also held by a Kiwi who even gave Charlie some advice - use a cushion.

"She fractured her pelvis in four places doing it," Charlie said. 

Friends were on hand for the unexpected administration during his record-breaking attempt.

"He has to have four people with him al all times being witnesses and timekeepers. And so only yesterday we managed to pull together the last people which was a lot of stress," said Kate Shelland, friend and organiser.

Stress on Charlie's muscles was helped by five minute breaks every hour for a good stretch.

But as night fell and the fanfare died down, the true test began.

"Lots of mental strength. I don't doubt my ability to do it, but I'm not looking forward to it either," Charlie said. 

As day two broke though, even a DJ turned up. And the crowds came, counting down as Charlie broke the record.

But with the record ticked off, fatigue appeared to sink in.

"I'll keep going but I'll be honest, I don't know how long I can last," Charlie said. 

He'll have to wait a little longer as the record is verified. Until then at least he's got the "official world record holder" t-shirt to prove it.