Kiwi teen eyeing large scale production of her edible food wrap

A teenager with a passion for molecular gastronomy has won the Girl Boss Innovation award after inventing an edible food wrap as an alternative to plastic packaging.

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Brooke Moore’s invention, called Wrapt, was designed as an alternative to plastic packaging. Source: Breakfast

"A truckload of plastic enters the ocean every minute,” Brooke Moore explained on TVNZ1’s Breakfast. "So there's obviously a massive need for something to be done about this plastic use, and something that hasn't really been looked at that much is plastic wrap."

The food wrap, called Wrapt, is also biodegradable.

Brooke's idea, based around a gelatin 'plastic', took "five months of experimenting" before coming up with a recipe she was happy with.

The wraps come in three different flavours, including "green herb", raspberry and unflavoured.

Brooke is currently looking for investors to help produce the product on a large scale.

In the future, she said she would like to produce oat bars with an edible and biodegradable wrapper for trampers and hunters.