Kiwi taken straight to hotel for lockdown from airport wants clarity

A Kiwi who was taken straight to a hotel for their two-week lockdown after returning from overseas, despite having tickets to continue on to their home, wants clarity about what happens next.

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Tom Hill, who returned from the UK, had tickets to continue on to Nelson, but was told he could not. Source: Breakfast

Tom Hill returned from the UK and had a ticket to continue on to Nelson, but was told he would instead be taken to the IBIS Hotel in Ellerslie, Auckland where he would stay for his two-week quarantine period.

Now he, and others at the hotel in the same situation, want clarity around whether they will be able to return home once their quarantine is over.

"It just sort of started from the minute we got off the plane - it just sort of turned into a bit of a nightmare," Mr Hill said.

"We all thought we were going to go home to our original destinations but that didn't happen - we got put on a bus and sent to this hotel we're currently at now.

"I had a flight booked yesterday morning - so did a lot of people here.

"We just want to make sure that there's some sort of plan put in place that once our two weeks are up, we can go - it's going to make our time here a lot more easy."

Mr Hill said he accepts that he has to do his 14 days, and says it good to be back on Kiwi soil.

"We're taking this one on the chin," he said.

"We understand we've got to do the 14 days, we've got no problem with that - the main problem is just not knowing if we're going to get home or not.

"Fingers crossed, I'm hoping after these two weeks we can get home - worst case scenario, we're assuming we're going to be staying here for the whole month."