Kiwi stuck in virus-hit Wuhan relieved to be coming home on special Air New Zealand flight

No interaction with other passengers, remaining seated unless you need to go toilet and changing face masks every hour are some of the precautions that are be taken on the chartered flight bringing Kiwis trapped in Wuhan home.

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Aaron Mahon detailed what to expect on the flight out of the Chinese city. Source: Seven Sharp

By Andrew Hallberg

Aaron Mahon is one of several New Zealanders that will take a seat on the Air New Zealand flight, which left China earlier this morning.

“I don’t know what to expect,” Mahon told Seven Sharp before takeoff.

Air New Zealand's rescue flight in Wuhan. Source: Supplied

 “The big focus is keeping everyone separate, healthy and monitoring.”

“Going from a clean situation… to on a plane with lots of other people, it’s going to be a bit nerve wracking, especially if someone’s coughing”

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The flight will bring Kiwis, Australians and Pacific Islanders to New Zealand from the city in China. Source: 1 NEWS

Mahon says that last couple of weeks have been intense. Wuhan has been in lockdown, food has been delivered to their door and required thorough washing.

The thought of spending two weeks at the defence force base in Whangaparāoa is relieving.

“You’re out of this, you’re away from everything going wrong”

“The big relief is that we’re coming home”