Kiwi stuck in Sydney says 'everything's just gone to s***'

A New Zealander stranded in Sydney due to the lockdown says the experience has left her financially ruined.

Atalana Matiaha with her partner's terminally ill relative, Poihare Locke. Source: Supplied

Atalana Matiaha left Auckland to be with her partner’s terminally ill relative, but what was meant to be a brief trip has quickly become a nightmare.

She and her family are unable to return home until their relative, Poihare Locke, passes away, and they’re quickly running down their savings.

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They face the possibility of being stranded for another month at least. Source: 1 NEWS

“Everything’s just gone to s***,” she said.

“All our bills and stuff in NZ have just piled up.”

The indefinite wait means she’s lost her job, with both her and her partner maxing out their credit cards.

“We’re not eligible for the Covid payment because they said it wasn’t a job in New South Wales.”

Poihare Locke with loved ones in hospital. Source: Supplied

Atalanta told 1 NEWS that they’ll now be unable to afford the funeral.

“We literally have no stream of income at all,” she said.

While Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern warned the travel bubble would operate with a “flyer beware” system, Matiaha is asking people to be compassionate.

“Everyone’s like 'it’s your choice', but in our situation, we weren’t looking toward Covid at all.

“We were just thinking of our nan.”

The family has set up a GoFundMe page for Locke's future tangi.