Kiwi scientist believes he's found the cure for cervical cancer

New Zealand-born professor Nigel McMillan believes he has the cure for cervical cancer.

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It’s made it through animal testing with a 100 per cent success rate. Source: Seven Sharp

The treatment made it through animal testing with a 100 per cent success rate and it now has people in its sights.

Professor McMillan and his team at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia have been working on the treatment for years.

“The treatment attacks only the cancer at the gene and it causes that gene to not work anymore and the cancer dies.

“The other cells according to our tests are unaffected,” he said.

The treatment is a few years away from testing on humans.

Professor McMillan thinks the treatment will be transferable to other cancers.

“We can use this in leukaemia, lung cancer, brain cancer. Once we know that gene, we can target it. We can just readdress our treatment to target that gene and it should kill those cancers too.” 

Fifty people die each year in New Zealand form cervical cancer.

“This will become how cancer is treated in the next ten years’ time,” he said.