Kiwi mum's personal development app goes global

An app designed to help mums, created by Kiwi woman, has gone global.

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Hannah Hardy-Jones' Kite app is looking at getting people flying again. Source: Seven Sharp

Hannah Hardy-Jones came up with the idea for her Kite app when she was at her lowest point after giving birth to her daughter Alice.

"I couldn't focus on anything for probably longer than 10 seconds," she told Seven Sharp.

Hannah was deep in post-partum bipolar - a condition triggered by traumatic labour.

She decided to use her experience to help other mums.

"I realised I wanted to do more and create something, so I used my HR experience to create a resource for mothers."

The topics covered on the Kite app range from sleep, to the parenting juggle, to disconnect from your partner.

The app was recently featured in a Forbes magazine article.

"The Forbes magazine article was so wonderful - especially for a publication like that, which doesn't promote a lot around women in business," Hannah said.