Kiwi Mums attempt to create free school lunch revolution

Kiwi mums are attempting to try and get the Government to give every child in New Zealand a school lunch. 

Inspired by a UK model of schools providing free student lunches, three Kiwi mums have taken aim at NZ obesity and youth poverty. Source: Seven Sharp

Three mums have a well researched vision for New Zealand that was provoked by the pictures of poverty that have become way too familiar.

The three mums became a hundred who have all started working together on the feasibility of a kiwi school lunch.

Firstly seeking the facts they found that one in four kids live in poverty, one in three are overweight or obese and one in three admitted to Starship are malnourished.

The UK approach to this issue is giving free meals for primary students and in secondary they're free according to need. But everyone gets them.

In Japan their approach isn't just about health and brain power, it's about experience too. They serve each other and clean up afterwards. 

This group of Kiwi mums plans involve local community kitchens with costings for both free or subsidised lunches.

They are needing the governments help to create this free school lunch revolution.