Kiwi mum fighting for life in Bali intensive care unit faces $75,000 medical bill after insurer says no

A New Zealand mum is fighting for her life in a Balinese intensive care unit after developing a serious illness - and her insurance company isn't paying out the $75,000 hospital bill.

Abby Hartley of Hamilton was on holiday with husband Richard in Indonesia when she found herself in severe pain, and was rushed to a hospital in Nusa Dua, Denpasar.

According to a Givealittle page set up by her daughter Sophie, Abby's bowel had twisted, cutting off blood flow to a portion of it, which had died.

Emergency surgery was required, which went well, but she then went into a condition called acute respiratory distress syndrome, and struggled to get oxygen.

Doctors made the decision to put her into an induced coma and began supplying her oxygen through a respirator.

Abby also developed a severe chest infection leading to one of her lungs collapsing, and she had temperatures higher than 40C.

"Last night we had a big scare as mums blood pressure was dangerously low, heart rate was too high and saturated oxygen levels were low so she required a blood transfusion early hours this morning," Sophie wrote.

"Mum's infection has progressed into Septicemia and she requires very expensive and rare antibiotics.

"After a very long and stressful battle with the insurance company they have made the final decision to not cover any medical costs therefore we have been left with a very expensive medical bill.

The bill is reportedly about NZ$75,000 - so far - and the family have already received donations of nearly $15,000 through the Givealittle page.

"Mum is a fighter and we can all tell she is trying very hard to fight all problems that are thrown her way," Sophie wrote.

"She is showing signs that she aware we are there for her by very small fluttering of eyelids when we talk to her or stroke her hair."

The Givealittle page did not name the insurance company, nor provide details of the insurance policy which was declined.

From left, Sophie, Abby, Richard and Toby Hartley in the intensive care unit in Bali. Source: Sophie Hartley/Givealittle

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