Kiwi mum battling cancer pleas for funding to help others donate breast milk for her baby

A Kiwi mum battling cancer has pleaded with the Government for funding to help others pay for costly blood tests so they can donate their breast milk to those in need like her.

Merania French was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer just two weeks after the birth of her second son, and it means she's unable to breastfeed.

To try and solve the problem Ms French took to Facebook to seek breast milk donations and was overwhelmed by the support.

"All the people who responded back, it was overwhelming, it was great, and I thought 'cool now we're going to be sorted'," she told TVNZ1's Te Karere.

However, one of the issues she faced was that while there were many keen to donate, she says the up to $170 fee for blood testing can often be out of reach.

Ms French believes there should be funding support systems in place for people wanting to donate breast milk.

"I have heard there is funding for tinned milk for babies, if they can do that, why can't they do this one off fee for those willing to donate?"

Ms French's chemotherapy course will come to an end in the coming months, and soon after she'll be allowed to breastfeed again.

She says she'll continue to champion the issue until there's support in place for other mothers who want breast milk for their kids.

Merania French's diagnosis means she's unable to breastfeed, but costly blood tests are hampering those wanting to donate their breastmilk. Source: Te Karere

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