Kiwi mother considers naming new baby ‘Storm’ after tornado interrupts labour

A woman has described the moments a tornado slammed into the ambulance she was in as she was about to be transported to hospital to give birth.

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Raylene Bishop was in labour when a tornado touched down in South Auckland. Source: 1 NEWS

Raylene Bishop was 39 weeks pregnant when contractions started yesterday, about the same time an unusual weather event was gaining speed across South Auckland.

She rang an ambulance yesterday morning which arrived at her Ōtara home amid a storm brewing.

“We were making our way into the ambulance and it just started pouring down and then the wind was blowing,” Ms Bishop told 1 NEWS.

She spoke of how the ambulance lifted off the ground and slammed back down, a tornado moving with such force, the neighbour’s shed smashed into the ambulance, blowing in the windows.

Ms Bishop says she threw herself onto the ambulance floor as glass shattered everywhere.

Medics moved her inside to assess her and clean up the resulting cuts to her skin.

Another ambulance on the way, Ms Bishop subsequently went to theatre for a c-section due to the stress the baby was under.

But, she says, her healthy 10 pound baby boy is doing just fine.

“We haven't come up with a name yet but we kind of thought - Storm, yeah Storm would fit it because at the time he was making his way, all that was happening,” Ms Bishop says.