Kiwi mother and daughter campaign for cheaper sanitary pads



Seven Sharp

It may be an uncomfortable subject to talk about, but a Kiwi mum and daughter are campaigning for more affordable sanitary pads for financially squeezed women.

There are girls here in NZ that charities say are missing school because they can’t afford products they need.
Source: Seven Sharp

"It wasn't something I would've talked about before, I've gotten good at it, I've learnt," Kate Boyle told Seven Sharp

Ms Boyle along with her mum Helen run the New Zealand branch of Days for Girls, which make reusable sanitary pads for women in developing countries.

"We emailed them and asked if there was a New Zealand chapter, I knew what she'd say," Helen said.

From the Philippines to Ethiopia, girls who don't have access to proper sanitary products are also not attending school.

"A girl who isn't at school [is] likely to be married off younger," Helen said.

However, the mother and daughter duo have found the problem also extends to New Zealand where some women can't afford the products they need.

In an unscientific Seven Sharp consumer survey basic pads, liners and tampons came to a cost of $24.56.

A woman will get her period an average of 450 times, which may result in a life sanitary pad bill of more than $11,000.

There is also the 15 per cent GST tax on tampons because they are considered a luxury product in New Zealand.

There have been campaigns to lift the tax and a push for government subsides but there has so far been little action.

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