Kiwi-made automated public toilets making a splash in the US

A Kiwi-made throne is changing perceptions about the public toilet after going viral on video-sharing service TikTok.

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Exeloos have been named the top toilets in the US. Source: Seven Sharp

The award-winning Exceloos aren’t just self-cleaning - they also have automated doors, touchless hand-washing systems and will even play a sweet tune.

Exeloo managing director Craig van Asch told Seven Sharp said it was “a bit of a shock to us that people would get that excited about a category of product that people don’t generally get too excited about”.

“All of a sudden, we started getting a lot more enquiries, a lot more interest and some really quick orders which was very unusual.”

Exceloo COO Andy Harris added while he's unsure how many million views they've received on social media, they've had "phenomenal success" since buying the company during last year's lockdown. 

The New Zealand-made self-cleaning toilet has even won the coveted title of Best Restroom in America.

“I think it was awarded to the park that our toilet was in and it was on the back of the fact that they had this space age Star Trek-type unit sitting in their park,” van Asch said.

To find out more about the award-winning dunny, watch the video above.