Kiwi laundry drying methods challenged by American social media influencer

How do you dry your clothes? In a dryer? On a line in the backyard or on a drying rack in your lounge?

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New Zealanders often use drying rack in the lounge, but one US social media influencer has questioned the common Kiwi use of drying racks down under. Source: Seven Sharp

The drying rack – or clothes horse - is certainly one of the most common ways in New Zealand but not, it appears, in America where one social media influencer has questioned the use of them down under.

TikTok user @MirandaKnows, who has almost 200,000 followers on the popular social media platform, challenged people from down under on their use – or lack thereof – of a dryer.

“Almost every single influencer I see that does laundry day takes it from the washer and then hangs it up on these things through their house like drying racks," Miranda said.

"Do you guys just not have dryers?"

While Miranda may not know if Kiwis have dryers, is she right in thinking we don’t use them enough?

Watch the video above to see what domestic goddess Astar had to say on the matter.