Kiwi invention warns teachers when it's time for sunblock

A Kiwi invention to help prevent skin cancer is being installed in a hundred childcare centres and kindergartens around the country.

The technology uses live UV levels to give teachers warning when to take measures to protect young skin. Source: 1 NEWS

The technology reads UV levels and warns teachers when it's time to cover up young skin.

"It's constantly measuring the intensity of the UV and it sends that information to an ipad or a device so the teachers can know exactly how strong the sun is at any time of the day," says Spark 64 chief executive Daniel Xu.

A hundred of the devices have been installed in early childcare centres around the country.

"Obviously it would be good to have them everywhere but that's a great place to start because the earlier your UV hit if you like, then the greater your long term risk," says dermatologist Dr Mark Gray.

The inventor now hopes his sun safety sensor will be picked up internationally.