Kiwi injured in London Underground train bombing




A New Zealander has been treated in hospital following the London Underground train bombing.

The Prime Minister tells media the person has been treated for non-serious injuries and discharged.
Source: 1 NEWS

British authorities say the number of people treated at hospitals after the bombing at the Parsons Green station in southwest London has risen to 29.

The National Health Service says 21 people are being treated and eight others have already been discharged.

Prime Minister Bill English has told media in Rotorua the government has been advised that there’s one Kiwi affected. 

"The most recent advice I’ve had in the last few hours is that this person had treatment and has been discharged. So it’s great news that the Kiwi whose been caught up in this is not seriously injured on the face of it," Mr English said.

"Officials are yet to talk to the person themselves but I think they have heard from their family so there’ll be more details come through," he said.

"But the Kiwis that are in London, look I think it's a place that's mastered the art of being on high alert while they go around their daily life. And if this turns out to be a calculated terrorist attack of course that will have an impact on people's level of alertness in London.

"Kiwis who are there I think know the element of risk they take being in a place that’s become a target."

There is no change to the threat level to New Zealand, Mr English said.

ISIS is claiming that the explosion was carried out by an affiliated unit.

British officials have raised the country's terrorism threat level to "critical' - meaning another attack is expected shortly.

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