Kiwi ingenuity sees beer biofuel run North Island cars

A biofuel made from beer will begin running North Island cars today, after Brewtroleum was launched by DB Breweries.

Brewtroleum was launched by DB Breweries at 63 Gull Petrol today. Source: 1 NEWS

The brewery said its 98-octane petrol contains 10% ethanol and was derived from the yeast slurry during the brewing process.

The first trial batch of Brewtroleum is being sold at 63 Gull Petrol Stations across the North Island, while the fuel mix produces 8% less carbon emissions than traditional petrol, the brewery claims.

DB's head of domestic marketing, Sean O'Donnell, said the company wants to make the fuel a long-term product if the trial is successful.

Source: 1 NEWS

"It's a case of testing consumer demand and assessing the feasibility of ongoing production and logistics. We expect the first batch to last approximately six weeks."