Kiwi gamers performed incredibly well at Fortnite World Cup, Esports expert says

A Kiwi Esports expert says New Zealand gamers did incredibly well making it to the finals of the inaugural Fortnite World Cup in New York which wrapped up overnight.

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The inaugural competition was held in New York. Source: 1 NEWS

More than 40 million gamers across the world competed for 200 finals berths in the highly sought after competition.

Five Kiwi gamers made the finals playing in both the duo and singles competitions.

They qualified in a series of competitions run in Oceania.

Kiwi team Twizz and Cover-H finished at the bottom of the Duo Competition, prompting Twizz to tweet his disappointment.

"We sucked .. We weren’t prepared .. We know what to expect," he commented on Twitter.

But Esports specialist, Duane Mutu, says the Kiwis shouldn’t be too hard on themselves.

"To get to that level is phenomenal," Mr Mutu says. "What it will show is the level you need to get to - to be a world champion and take home US$3 million in prize money."

Mutu says the popularity of the Fortnite World Cup and huge prize money on offer now means gaming is a potential career path for those good enough to compete at the elite level.

But he says that New Zealand’s internet capability can impede online gamers "Down Under" playing against the top players in Asia and North America.

He also says the top overseas teams are fully resourced with coaches, training and support programmes which puts them way ahead of gamers here to tend to play at home.

Twizz and Cover-H are now on their way home and each richer by $75,000 for their efforts on the world Fortnite stage.