Kiwi Fortnite duo come last at World Cup in New York - but still pocket $76k each

A duo of Kiwi Fortnite players has come in last at the World Cup tournament currently taking place - but they are taking it like champions.

Chris Hunt, AKA CoverH, and Sam Pearson, aka Twizz, are competing in the Fortnite World Cup Duos final. Source: Warriors Esport

Chris "CoverH" Hunt, 18, and Sam "Twizz" Pearson, 23, were competing for the title - and a share of the NZ$45 million prize pool - but ended up coming last in the "duos" section of the tournament in New York.

The upside is that each of them still get prize money of US$50,000, which equates to $76,350 in New Zealand currency.

Mr Pearson posted on Twitter afterwards, lamenting the loss and saying "we sucked".

"We weren't prepared .... What I thought makes a good player was completely wrong," he wrote.

"Nobody or nothing to blame but myself ... But guess what - now we know.

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"We know what to change, we know how to play, we know what to expect.

"We won't stop, we will practise.

"Thanks to everyone that supported us and watched the games.

"Thanks to the haters for trying to show us we weren't ready before we played, we know now."