Kiwi film industry to get $300 million boost in this month's Budget




New Zealand's film and television industry is set to get a multi-million dollar boost in this month's Budget.

The praise continues to roll in for Hunt for the Wilderpeople.
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The Minister for Economic Development, Simon Bridges and Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Maggie Barry today announced $303.9 million will be allocated to support New Zealand screen industry production grants, both internationally and locally.

NZ's film and TV industry is to get a massive funding boost in the Budget.
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The larger portion of the boost, $222 million, will be spent over four years while $18 million will be spent over the next year on the International Screen Production Grant to bring global productions to New Zealand.

Up to $69.3 million over the next four years will be available for the domestic component of the grant.

"Our screen industry has a reputation for being one of the best in the world and this grant helps the industry compete internationally for a wide range of projects which bring jobs and economic opportunities to New Zealand," Mr Bridges said in a statement.

The larger portion of the boost, $222 million, will be spent over four years.
Source: 1 NEWS

"Without the grant these international productions would not have located in New Zealand and much of the $3.3 billion would not have been spent here."

Since 2014 the grant has back 50 international productions, and the industry in New Zealand employs 14,000 people, Mr Bridges says the grant was a big contributer to the screen sector overall, drawing billions in annual revenue.

Since the New Zealand Screen Production Grant was introduced in 2014, 23 NZ productions have been successfully supported, and the number of eligible films tripled when the grant was introduced with money going to productions like Hunt For the Wilderpeople, Pork Pie and Chasing Great.

An evaluation of both the international and domestic screen grants will be completed this year.

"We want to make sure we have the right mix of incentives to support the industry while ensuring New Zealand gets maximum economic benefit from productions coming to New Zealand," Mr Bridges said.

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